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San Diego Doula Birth Photographer 5


Many pieces to my life have fallen into place in such a way that I am passionate about birth, mothers, babies, and photography.  Having been a photographer for many years, I tend to fall in love with photographing that which I am passionate about.  

Becoming a mother, I didn't know what I didn't know.  My first birth was very eye-opening and life changing as it unfolded in ways I didn't expect or understand at the time.  In hindsight, I knew it didn't have to happen that way.  So began my real awakening into birth education and advocating for mothers.  My first was born in a hospital, my second at a birth center, and my third at home.  They have each taught me the joy and triumph of bringing a new life into this world, in different ways.  And they have all collectively taught me that birth truly matters, as it sets the tone for the beginning of life and can shape the destiny of families.  Every woman deserves to be educated, respected and given choices in birth.  Every woman deserves a doula.